Fashion Accessories

Our technical experience in 3D Design gained in over 20 years of experience and the wide range of the most updated 3D Printing technologies make us to be the ideal partner for creative companies who wish to differentiate themselves with products and advanced methodologies.

Fashion Accessories such as bags, shoes, belts, decorative buttons, is the main fashion field where most 3D Printing applications can take life.

The art of tailoring, as well as the shoe, while having an ancient tradition handed down from generation to generation, fits perfectly with the new 3D Printing Technology and allow companies or designers to design and produce high quality prototypes.

Your idea turns into a real product. This is the main advantage.

Thanks to the most updated software and to the growing technological development, several production limits have been overcame with a considerable savings in costs and time.

Through three-dimensional modeling and 3D printing is possible:

• edit a project with new decorative elements and components that were unthinkable until a few years ago,

• visualize project evolution through photorealistic rendering, in order to…

• print the product, overcoming all multiple steps that have always characterized the traditional methodologies of fashion industry.

Through AntePrima Service (Preview Printing) you can create a low-cost and aesthetic, functional prototype, which allows, simulating and mixing different materials (aesthetic resins and elastomers with different shoreA degrees) to touch and check the state of the art.

Attention to detail and accuracy are essential elements for the development of high quality prototype, that only a high-definition 3D Printing you can get (our technologies are able to achieve 15-micron precision 0.015mm).

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