3D Modeling and Toys

3D CAD Design’s evolution and 3D Printing’s development technologies have helped to change Modeling world and influenced the way to produce even the most traditional Toys.

Nowadays 3D Printing makes a significant support, not only for professionals, to the way of concept an idea and get it into reality.

Toys, railway industry, shipbuilding, automobile, aircraft are all characterized by micro details which can be reproduced only thanks to High Definition 3D Printing technologies, with can reach a precision up to 0.015mm-15 microns.

Thanks to simultaneous used of several materials, both hard and soft resins together with elastomers in different ShoreA degrees, we can create in extremely short times high quality aesthetic and functional Prototypes (AntePrima Service).

Some examples: High Definition 3D Printing

3D printing in two colors and Elastomers

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