3D Design



Today as in the past creative and fashionable needs are always the same, it’s only changed the way to get them.

3D Design turn into reality a design project.

Our selected technicians are specialized in Jewelry and support you in every design steps, anticipating and solving any production, casting or setting problems.


Rhinoceros is the main and widely used 3D Modeling Jewelry Software, but many others are available and used depending on the project. There are specific softwares to get geometric or organic shapes, high definition elements such as joints and prong settings or soft shapes.

We strictly cooperate together with your research and development department to get the best technical and aesthetic model considering production requirements.


For a successful development of three-dimensional model, we consistently submit the study of the project for your evaluation and approval, before creating the Prototype and, on your request, any manufacturing equipment (silicone molds).

Finalizing all entire 3D design process, we prepare, on your request, the Technical Sheet of the jewel, which provides a complete view of all the following processing steps (casting, production and setting).


Since 1995 experience, high service quality and confidentiality are the main features that we are different for. 

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