3D Printing


3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping is a technique that allows, through an additive manufacturing process of material deposition, to create a physical object from a CAD design.

Our experience gained in more than 20 years and the wide range of technologies at our disposal, allows us to offer the best Material and Quality for your needs and a high-definition 3D Printing service, both Professional and Competitive in quality, time and costs.

We always select for each project the most appropriate and best 3D High Definition Printing Technology (precision up to 0.015mm, 15 micron).


They are materials with similar features to traditional wax and this is the reason why you can directly casting them, without having realized any silicone mold.

The Yellow Wax is a material that allows to create an high quality and definition Prototype, with smooth and well-defined details.

This Prototype can be directly casted.

The object that will emerge from the casting will be highly defined, with micro details well in evidence, which does not require any goldsmith’s additional action.

The Blue Wax is presented with a more porous surface and a lower definition in detail.

It needs more hand work by the goldsmith in the face of a lower cost prototype.

TECHNICAL PROTOTYPE: Amethyst and Green Resins

They are printing materials used for 3D High Definition Printing, with a high degree precision up to 0.015mm (15 microns), specifically designed for models that need maximum accuracy and extremely fine details.

The choice between a Green and an Amethyst Resin depends on the type of model to be realized and the manufacturing procedure needed.

From these resins can be derived silicone molds both cold and hot (90 °) or can be directly casting, but considering in advance certain adjustments during the preparation procedure.

Our equipment allow us to simulate a Co-Molding, mixing two different resins and giving the chance to create different elements that make up the model on the same prototype.

You can also mix with hard resins to elastomers with different ShoreA degrees (9 options of different degrees in elasticity and nuances are available) to create elastic properties similar to silicone or soft-touch products.

AESTHETIC PROTOYPE : AntePrima Service (Preview Printing)

They are resins you can create a "real draft" of the CAD model at the design stage in few hours, enabling the designer or company in advance of viewing shapes and details before ending the project (AntePrima Service).

With Aesthetic Prototypes Preview Printing steep reduction in cost of the Master being studied aesthetic and technical product.

Aesthetic Resins can be: Trasparent, Monochrome Black and White and in Elastomers.


  • Resins and casting Waxes in high definition quality ideal for Jewelry
  • Aesthetic Resins for Functional Prototypes (AntePrima Service)
  • Multimaterials for Co-molding
  • Transparent or Opaque Resins
  • Multimaterials for Biomedical
  • Elastomers with different ShoreA degrees

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