Technical Consulting


We support you in every design and modelling step to get a real Prototype. Thanking to our 20 year’s experience, we anticipate and solve any production and aesthetic issues offering you a technical and personal specialized consulting.

We are not creative designers, but we are technicians. We believe that confidentiality is the main feature to build a powerfully and successfully partnership.


Our work begins from a sketch, a pre-existing model or even from your idea and it develops in different phases:

  • We study all the production requirements, timing and cost for finalizing Project
  • We create the 3D model using different 3D Modeling tools.
  • If needed, we scan the object through one of our 3D Scanning system and develop any variant possibilities requested.
  • We create a low cost Prototype (aesthetic resin) thanks to our AntePrima Service, to evaluate shape and wearability of the model.
  • We engineer the model.
  • We create another prototiype using one of our high definition 3D Printing system with a precision up to 0.015mm (15 micron).
  • If requested, we prepare Silicone Mold.
  • If requested, we prepare the technical sheet and specifications of the project.
  • If you need we can also support you and your Designers’ staff in a Training Process.

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