3D Scanning


3D scanning is a technique that converts the data obtained from any real object into a 3D digital model.  

This technique is essential if you want to scan objects with organic shapes mainly handcrafted.

Reverse Engineering Process allows, starting from a wax, a sculpture or by from any kind of Prototype, to reconstruct surfaces and to derive a 3D model editable in different shapes and sizes.


In our facilities we operate four scanning systems: Laser, Structured Light, a probe contact system, and the Microscribe arm system each with differing degrees of surface sensitivity suitable for different materials 

We can furnish you the data as a cloud of points, as a triangle mesh exported as an STL file ready for 3D printing or for reconstructing surface of the entire object.  


Through 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Process you can reproduce the same object for replication in case of damage, or wear of molds, or for any eventual demands by the market.

3D Scanning also allows you to recover your historical modeling and then create a digital archive, which can be passed down through time.

We guarantee strict confidentiality, therefore we request that any scanned model is that you own or accompanied by a parent’s Authorization.

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