Technological development does not modified detail and beauty research, but it only changed and improved tools to achieve it.

Ante Rem has chosen Jewelry as its main area of ​​development, remaining tied to its origins and tradition of Valenza’s territory placed in Piedmont in the North West of Italy.

Valenza infact is one of the most important and specialized centers, not only in Italy, in the Goldsmithing Industry.

Since over 20 years we support companies and designers at all stages of the creative process: 3D Design, 3D Scanning, Rendering and 3D Animation, high definition 3D Printing, offering the utmost professionalism, quality and confidentiality.

Starting from a sketch or a technical drawing, both in 2D and 3D, and using different 3D CAD modeling software, we create the three-dimensional model.

If necessary, we offer a 3D Scanning and the highest Reverse Engineering Service.

In our facilities we operate 4 scanning systems: Laser, Structured Light, a probe contact system, and the Microscribe arm system each with differing degrees of surface sensitivity suitable for different materials, shapes and sizes.

From 3D Project you can create photorealistic Rendering (digital jewels’ image) and 3D Animation or a physical Prototype using one of our 3D Printing Technologies.

Our wide range of equipment allows us to produce prototypes in different materials and definition.

  • Amethyst and Green Resins of high quality , from which it is possible to make hot or cold silicone molds with definition up to 0.015mm (15 micron)
  • Yellow and Blue Waxes, directly casted , without producing any silicone mold (definition from 0.02mm, 0.038mm to 0.05mm)
  • Aesthetic Resins, transparent , monochrome black and white (definition from 0.03 to 0.05mm) used for our AntePrima Service (Preview Printing), which lets you build an aesthetic, functional and low-cost Prototype, hands-on project under development
  • Elastomers with different ShoreA degrees (9 options of different degrees in elasticity and nuances are available)

Our goal is always to provide a service of the highest quality and professionalism, able to satisfy every company or designer requirement, anticipating technical and aesthetic productive issues.

The success of a good master model depends on several reasons. One of the key factors in the process is the the preparation of the silicone mold, which must respect certain technical requirements in order to create a proper casting wax.

Silicone molds are differentiated by the type of material used: cold silicone and hot silicone (90°). The silicone molds' properties differ according to the material being used for the master model, its shape and size, desired finish, and the final number of pieces to be produced.

Our 20 years experience in the Goldsmithing Industry allows us to offer a complete and highly specialized Technical Consulting.

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